About That Whole Taking-God-Out-of-Schools Thing

Brant Hansen of Air1 Radio writes:

God isn’t “allowed” anywhere. He doesn’t need permission. He doesn’t need a hall pass from a teacher, and He doesn’t need to report to the office on the way in.

We didn’t “kick God out” of our public school system. We don’t have that kind of power, unless you’re such a big fan of the Supreme Court that you think God must first parse a majority decision to determine where He can go.

Thank you. I’ve been saying that all along, and now I don’t have to write my own blog entry about it. Ha. Read the rest of the article here.

8 thoughts on “About That Whole Taking-God-Out-of-Schools Thing

  1. True. But the knowledge of God was removed and those who believed in God were marginalized. At the same time the belief that we are just animals and accidents was championed by trusted authority figures. There was a time when the worst thing to happen would be a fight after school or the school bully might take someone’s lunch. Now we have schools with metal detectors at the doors and armed police walking the halls.

  2. Some have gotten ahead of themselves, which is only human, to assume we have the power to keep God out of anything that of which God desires. God Bless You and thanks for the good read.

  3. I believe the point of the shirt is the fact that school children were once taught the Pledge of Allegience with the words…”one Nation, under God…”. They sang the song, God Bless America after saying the pledge. The class bowed heads and began the day with silent prayer. Principals would give announcements over the PA and end them with a word of prayer. Classes would thank God for their lunch before walking to the cafeteria. Prayers were allowed before football games and during graduation. God, per se, was not thrown out of anywhere. Any mention of the name of God and of Jesus Christ has been removed from public schools. This you can’t deny. Does it matter? I believe it does. When I attended school – with the dinosaurs – I was aware that teachers expected the students to act as if God was always watching – which He was, of course. This bit of knowledge kept me walking the straight and narrow path. It doesn’t work for every child, but for children who are already familiar with God, it is a great reminder.

    I can’t understand why a few words written on a T-shirt can be so misunderstood. There isn’t room on the shirt for the paragraph above, so the few words that are on the shirt imply what is written in the paragraph above. Christians know that God is everywhere. Unbelievers may not know this, especially since no one is allowed to mention His name. You are correct, ‘no one can keep God out of anywhere.’ Legally, our government can restrict where God can be mentioned, where prayers to Him are offered in public and can dictate which songs are sung in school. God allows this because we are not puppets and He does not control our every move. Rather, He allows us to suffer the consequences of our actions – and inactions.

  4. I clicked on your post when I saw that picture and was SO glad you didn’t go all crazy “Westboro Baptist” on it. :) You hit the nail on the head.

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